Friday, April 01, 2005

Who want to live forever?

About a week ago I was talking about eternal life with my friends Albion and Fate and we asked the inevitable question... WHO WANT TO LIVE FOREVER? Fate and I answer almost at the same time ...I do!. After thinking about it I realized that that answer came mainly because we are in complete use of our faculties, we are complete, but what about the people that is sick and suffering? what would that people say about eternal life? My money is on the "get me out of this misery" kind of answer. Watching the news I saw a grotesque image of the pope, it was evident that he doesn't want to live anymore, but once again... the christian church needs a leader (even tho they have to go against the will of the individual just because God says so), on the other side while reading "La hoguera de las necedades" I discovered something that brought a smile to my face (and don't get me wrong for this, I don't mean any kind of disrespect) Terri Schiavo finally passed away and that only show us that it doesn't matter how stupid humans beings may be... NO ONE can go against nature. Now ask yourselves... do You really want to live forever? I bet many will answer again YES!. But only under optimal conditions.... instead of thinking about an endless life, try to live in the here and now... never forget that you will die one day and try to leave something that brings nice memories of you to the people that knew you while walking this life. Rest in peace Terry.... and God help the pope in this stupid world full of even more stupid and fanatic people

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