Saturday, June 25, 2005

Música y nostalgia

Por algún motivo, y sin razón aparente la lluvia ha creado un estado de nostalgia en mi, haciendome recordar situaciones que rondaban por mi mente hace ya varios años, por eso me permito compartir con ustedes la letra de una canción que en ese entonces, si bien no estaba de moda en la radio, estaba en constante repetición en mi mente (yup, un estado depresivo en mi durante aquellos dias, si le entienden a la letra tal vez sepan el porque), del grupo Warrant "Let it rain".... enjoy

Warrant - "Let it rain"

I can't give up the never to call you
But I want to call so bad
To find out, who's holding on to
The most beautiful thing I ever had

Babe I guess I never really took the time
To show how much I care

Let it rain (rain)
Let it rain down on me
Hide these tears I'm crying
So no one can see
That I'm still not over you
But if you're over me
Let it rain (rain)
Let it rain down on me

We used to lay together like spoons
It was the only way I could sleep
And this pillow is a poor subsitute
For your body next to me

I reach to pull you closer
And remember you're not there


The rain is not so bad after all
It camouflages every tear that falls
It cleanses me of all the blame
I've put upon myself
I hear your married now
Well I hope he treats you well
Oh let it rain


I can't give up the never to call you

C ya when I c ya